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A Day at the Lake

Hi Sweet World! I hope you’re enjoying your holiday weekend. Around here, it’s been the perfect start of summer. The weather was hot (90s!), so it really did feel like it. Saturday, the boy and i enjoyed grilling out burgers and dogs, lounging in the backyard and then making s’mores when it got dark. Oh, and we saw the first fireflies of the season too. Isn’t that the best feeling?! Sunday we took a trip to the ‘rents and they took us out on the lake for a bit to fish. I mainly snapped some photos. Imagine that…… Hey, I did catch 2 fish though so it wasn’t all play. ;)  It really was a great weekend for summer activities and such a great one to bring in the season. What did you do this weekend, Sweet World? Did you get to play, or was it all work?


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This weekend….

…i’m looking foward to fishing….






Flowers and sunshine.


….And possibly starting on my new patio….

Modern • Simple • Easy • Patio


What’s on your agenda this weekend, Sweet World?


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So this weekend….

…was sort-of an odd one. Thursday morning when i got off work, i went to bed as normal and woke up just 4 short hours later with a very sore throat and a small fever. How does that happen? When i get sick, it’s usually gradual with some sort of warning sign but this time i just woke up and *BAM* there is was. Sigh. Anyhow. I managed to work through the night Thursday night, even though i had a small fever for most of my shift (yes, i now moved to night shift, which also most likely doesn’t help the situation), and came home and crashed Friday morning. I was supposed to get a cute haircut and had to cancel. Bummer. I pretty much slept 20 hours straight on Friday and went a whole 24 hours without eating. Maybe more. Yikes.

Saturday, i was wide awake at 5 am, felt somewhat better and finally caught up on the blogging world. I missed you guys. Later, the boy and i went to his parents’ for a traditional St. Patrick’s Day meal of corned beef, cabbage and potatoes (of which, i didn’t eat the cabbage) and relaxed for a bit. On the way home, my work texted and called me so many times i thought maybe i was missing a party somewhere (ha!). Turns out they really needed people and i ended up working through the night. I’m a sucker.

Sunday was much better as i got some sleep after work, went to Bass Pro to browse, ate at the most yummy Indian restaurant around (which only made my wanderlust for India that much stronger), got some frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf and am trying some new vanilla and hazelnut tea. Oh and at some point in the last 24 hours i’ve also pretty much lost my voice. Joyous. Well, my boyfriend might think so. Hehe.

And please excuse the random photos, they’re just little tidbits over the last few weeks and have nothing to do with this post. ;)


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I can’t believe it’s Monday already. I had 3 full days off in a row. I never have days off in a row. It had definitely been a while since i took a full weekend off. But it just flew by and i’m wondering where it went already. Friday night, i went out to eat and bowling with co-workers. That was fun and much needed. Saturday i started the P90x workout program and let me tell you, they aren’t lying when they say it’s not for beginners. My body is not happy with me, to say the least. Later that afternoon, the boy and i grabbed some coffee, went for a calzone (talk about eating healthy with that work-out….hehe) and then stopped by one of the antique shops in the area. I found some great goodies that i left there. They were kinda pricey. Sunday i finally got to sleep in late and then cleaned the house, did day 2 of P90x and ate a delicious dinner of rice, corn and salmon. Oh-so-exciting, huh?

Would you look at this beauty?! I want it sooooo bad!

And this is me going into Narnia. Mr. Tumnus sends his regards.

What did you do this weekend, Sweet World?


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Weird Weatherness

So today in the New River Valley has consisted of rain, sunshine, clouds, rain, clouds, rain, a peek of sunshine and some rain.  How exciting it is to not know what the weather will finally decide to do.  Very wishy-washy i must say.  I know some days it’s like that so i guess i can understand where the weather is coming from.  Sometimes you just don’t know if you want to do this, or do that.  To smile or to frown.  To wear a t-shirt or blouse.  To drive or to ride the bike.  Etc, etc, etc.  However, cheer up weather!  It’s the weekend!  Anyhow, not much planned except much needed sleep and some photographs.  I better savor it now, because the next three weekends will be crazy.  Those stories will come when the time comes.  But for now, the work week is over. Finally!

So, hello sweet world! And cheer up weather – it’s the weekend! 

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