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Sweet Rides

During all my exploring this summer, i’ve come across some pretty lovely rides. I’ve seen them on the side of the road, at events and parked at the local restaurant. I can’t get enough of these classics and just keep dreaming of the day when i can have my own. A couple of these beauties are for sale and it’s taking all my will power not to drain my savings on one. Wouldn’t it be the coolest to drive around town on date night in one of these babes?! (If you want to donate to the HelloSweetWorld antique car fund, or you know, just donate the car, feel free….ha! Can you blame me for trying?)


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Hidden Beauty

Please pardon the absence here and there lately. When i’m not working, i’ve been busy exploring and enjoying life. It really has been the best start to summer. The weather is quite weird though. It’s been in the 70s during the day and 50s at night and kinda (always) windy. There have been some storms here and there but it’s been pretty mild. Very odd for the midwest this time of year, especially because last year we were sweating like crazy by this point just walking outside. I’m not complaining but it has been chilly…..  ;)

These photos came from a beauty that was hiding on a back country road found on a day of exploring and i just wanted to load her up and take her home, despite all that may be wrong with her. She was a diamond and i fell in love. I think you will too. Take a look…..

Have you done any exploring lately, Sweet World? If so, what did you find?



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Vintage Motel Brochures

A couple weeks ago at the estate sale i keep rambling about, you might remember me saying that i picked up some vintage travel/motel brochures. I loved the layout of them, the colors and absolutely the photos in them. It just makes me want to go back in time and be on vacation just as they were in those photos. Here are a few of my favorites:

You probably can’t see the price on that Europe brochure (from 1968), but for $709.00, you get 22 days in Europe – hotel, travel and all but 2 meals included. Yes, even airfare. Where do i sign up?!

Look at those chairs in the middle photo. And that car!

So sleek and modern. Complete with vintage signage out front.

Doesn’t the Sea Gull motel make you just want to go to Mississippi?

This Holiday Inn was located just up the road from my hometown. I wonder if it’s still there?

Can we just move into the hotel in the top postcard? I’ll take the mint 1950s car and the room!



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Instant Collection: Plastic Cake Toppers

Last week when i went to the estate sale that i shared with you, i picked up a vintage Peter Pan peanut butter jar with lots of plastic goodies hiding inside. These plastic goodies were cake toppers and candle holders, and even though i’m pretty sure i don’t need them, i couldn’t resist. Besides, who doesn’t love an instant collection? I wonder what types of cakes they were on at one time in their little plastic lives – chocolate, strawberry, funfetti?

Which one is your favorite, Sweet World? Do you have any instant collections?


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Estate Sale Treasures

Last Thursday, i just had to visit one of the local estate sales after seeing some photos online. Of course, if i could, i’d go to them all but seeing them posted online with photos definitely helps narrow down the ones i want, or can, go to. Luckily, i got off work just in time and was able to swing by the place pretty early, but not early enough to grab those vintage Christmas ornaments i wanted. Darn. Anyhow. I still picked up a good load of stuff and am pretty happy with my loot.

I grabbed some 1970s placemats, which may go into the shop; a pretty hideous belt, but for $1 i liked it enough; lots of vintage cake toppers/candle holders in a vintage Peter Pan peanut butter jar; a wooden hangy-thing; and some vintage maps, postcards and travel brochures. Let me tell you, this house had the mother-load of old maps, postcards and brochures. This lady (or couple) traveled all over the world and i must say that i am quite jealous of her travels. I think i spent pretty close to an hour just going through the boxes of old paper goods. I wish i could’ve taken them all but we all know i don’t need all those brochures. I also was able to pick up one of her notebooks that she wrote in when she was in Europe. I still have yet to read through it but it seemed pretty cool to be able to re-trace her footsteps through her notes and written experiences.

I also picked up the above travel bag/purse for just $3. After knowing about all her travels, it just makes me wonder where this bag has really been. So awesome! I was able to pick up two outdoor cots at the house as well, but i still have yet to get them out of my car. Oops! They’re in really good shape as far as i can tell and i’ll share those with you soon. In the meantime, here are a couple more photos from the haul.

Just look at that list of where she went! Jealous indeed. And you know i had to grab that vintage map of the Netherlands!

This photo was taken in Florida on one of her trips. I wonder which one is her….Aren’t these ladies just so lovely?

(P.S. My birthday is in less than 2 weeks – yay! Hint, hint…..)


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Thrifty Thrifty

Last week after i was recovering from being sick, i decided to get out of the house and get to thrifting (to at least say i had left the bed at some point within a 3.5 day period). That thrift trip was much needed and boy, did i hit the clothing jackpot. I bought a whole bunch of shirts, some skirts, a couple dresses and even some goodies for the HelloSweetWorld shop. I have a couple more painted clothing items to add but until i get around to painting, i’ve filled the shop with some pretty awesome vintage goodies. Here are some of my faves….

Aren’t those fleur de lis plates the cutest? And the vintage map puzzle is too cool!

The other day, i also wore my first outfit from this thrift haul and loved it! It’s so simple and comfy yet looks classy. It feels good to wear something other than a uniform that i basically live in for work.  I managed to capture a few photos…..

I’m not sure why my dog’s ears are blurry in the above photo but it makes me think he’s gonna take off flying with those big things! Hehe.

Top, belt, skirt – thrifted; Shoes – Payless; Sunglasses – shop in Amsterdam



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So this weekend….

…was sort-of an odd one. Thursday morning when i got off work, i went to bed as normal and woke up just 4 short hours later with a very sore throat and a small fever. How does that happen? When i get sick, it’s usually gradual with some sort of warning sign but this time i just woke up and *BAM* there is was. Sigh. Anyhow. I managed to work through the night Thursday night, even though i had a small fever for most of my shift (yes, i now moved to night shift, which also most likely doesn’t help the situation), and came home and crashed Friday morning. I was supposed to get a cute haircut and had to cancel. Bummer. I pretty much slept 20 hours straight on Friday and went a whole 24 hours without eating. Maybe more. Yikes.

Saturday, i was wide awake at 5 am, felt somewhat better and finally caught up on the blogging world. I missed you guys. Later, the boy and i went to his parents’ for a traditional St. Patrick’s Day meal of corned beef, cabbage and potatoes (of which, i didn’t eat the cabbage) and relaxed for a bit. On the way home, my work texted and called me so many times i thought maybe i was missing a party somewhere (ha!). Turns out they really needed people and i ended up working through the night. I’m a sucker.

Sunday was much better as i got some sleep after work, went to Bass Pro to browse, ate at the most yummy Indian restaurant around (which only made my wanderlust for India that much stronger), got some frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf and am trying some new vanilla and hazelnut tea. Oh and at some point in the last 24 hours i’ve also pretty much lost my voice. Joyous. Well, my boyfriend might think so. Hehe.

And please excuse the random photos, they’re just little tidbits over the last few weeks and have nothing to do with this post. ;)


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Minty Fresh

Lately i’ve been inspired with all things mint. If you follow me on Pinterest, you might have seen my obsessive pinning of things i love lately, including things in the mint/aqua shade. After seeing this color post from Sunshine and Carousels, and all the inspirations on Pinterest, i’ve been noticing things around my home in this lovely hue. I didn’t think i had that many items with this color but turns out, i do!  Mint is the perfect vintage color, i think. Anyway, I gathered some of the items up and took photos to share and to add to the inspiration. Here is a little collection of mine that i never knew i had…

My mint obsession even continued in the kitchen this weekend because i made mint chocolate chip cookies. Yea, you can pretty much call me infatuated.  With a color. Eeep! Hey, at least i’m lucky and it’s a flavor i can enjoy too. Ha!

What color are you obsessed with lately, Sweet World?


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Hello Sweetness…..

I have an announcement! There’s a new addition to the family. No, not what you’re thinking. ;) Not even the alternative to what you’re thinking (a pet…..). Remember when i shared how gorgeous this piece was from an earlier post….?

Well……guess what?! It’s now in our dining room looking oh-so-beautiful! I kept thinking about the piece and how every other mid-century cradenza/hutch slipped away from me before i had a chance to snatch one of them up so i decided to spend the extra money and make this baby a reality. It was mildly pricey but for a nice hutch i suppose it wasn’t too bad. Plus, i got a little tax money back and ya can’t go wrong there! She is the most gorgeous thing i’ve seen in a while, and now, the most expensive piece of furniture in the house. Ha!  Below is a photo of her right after we moved her in. I’m still playing with how i’m going to decorate her. It’s quite tricky, as she is sophisticated. Welcome home, Sweetness!


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I can’t believe it’s Monday already. I had 3 full days off in a row. I never have days off in a row. It had definitely been a while since i took a full weekend off. But it just flew by and i’m wondering where it went already. Friday night, i went out to eat and bowling with co-workers. That was fun and much needed. Saturday i started the P90x workout program and let me tell you, they aren’t lying when they say it’s not for beginners. My body is not happy with me, to say the least. Later that afternoon, the boy and i grabbed some coffee, went for a calzone (talk about eating healthy with that work-out….hehe) and then stopped by one of the antique shops in the area. I found some great goodies that i left there. They were kinda pricey. Sunday i finally got to sleep in late and then cleaned the house, did day 2 of P90x and ate a delicious dinner of rice, corn and salmon. Oh-so-exciting, huh?

Would you look at this beauty?! I want it sooooo bad!

And this is me going into Narnia. Mr. Tumnus sends his regards.

What did you do this weekend, Sweet World?


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