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Lettered Shirt DIY

Lately i’ve seen some fashion related to a new type of lettered or quote shirts.¬†Celebrities¬†and bloggers have both been trending this so-called fad and i figured that it would be really easy to make your own shirt with a quote of your choice. Here are some photos of Hollywood showing off this trend:

And now, here’s how you can make your very own tee:

The iron on letters can be found at any craft store and even Wal-mart. They have different styles so you can also choose to your liking. Once you pick out your letters and get them home, cut out the ones you need for your quote. My quote comes from the saying, ‘Mama always said there’d be days like this.’

Lay the letters out on your shirt and then flip them over so they’re the right way for ironing. The package the letters come in is really helpful with step-by-step directions on what to do.

Next, cover your letters with the cotton cloth. I used an old t-shirt that was 100% cotton. Once covered, iron away! The package said to use the wool setting on the iron but i didn’t have success with that so i switched to the cotton setting for more heat to get the letters to stick better. Once ironed on the front side, you’ll also have to turn the shirt inside out and iron the back side. This is the step that really gets the letters on. You may have to go over them several times to get a good adhesive.

Once ironed on, wait for the letters and shirt to cool for a few minutes. Then carefully pull the backing off to reveal your letters.

Once you get all the backing off, your tee is done!

Model appropriately!

You’re part of Hollywood now! ¬†;)

If you make one, let me know how it turned out!

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Southwest Map Art DIY

This year, i’m striving to blog a little more and really add some elements to my blog. If you’re a normal reader, you’ve already noticed some changes – updated blog buttons! That’s not all i have in store for this space this year. I want to incorporate more ideas, DIYs, free printables and more. I really want to grow. I’ve been blogging in this space for almost 3 years, and while i am so happy i’ve kept up with it, i want to make it something more. It hasn’t been the easiest, as i moved halfway across the country and didn’t have internet, or got a 3rd shift job and struggled to actually have a life at that point, or to now, when i work 100+ hours a pay period but absolutely love my job. Anyhow. This post wasn’t supposed to be a reflection post, but a DIY post. So let’s get to it! My first DIY! We’re going to make some map art.

- Draw your pattern on the foam board. Cut them with the exacto knife to make the stamps.

- Cut the map to the size you want, or the size to fit the frame you’ve chosen. Mine is 11″ x 14″ to fit the frame i had. I found the map at a local antique shop.

- Now you have your cut map and your cut stamps.

- Use the paintbrushes to paint the colored paint onto one side of the stamps. This helps it stay smoother so it’s not a huge, slippery mess when you stamp the map and so it won’t smudge.

- Stamp the painted side onto the map. Repeat with your different stamps and colors as you desire.

- Keep stamping up the page, or in whatever pattern you wish. The options are all yours! Once finished, you can even add photos to spice it up more, or to add those extra memories. I chose to leave the photos out of mine this time around.

- Once your paint dries, place the map art in the frame and display! Simple, right?

Enjoy making your very own map art. I know i did, plus it looks pretty in the bedroom!


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