How to Prepare for a Long Hike

Backpacker hiking in the mountains

As exciting as it may sound, it can be quite difficult if you are on a hiking trip and encounter an emergency for which you were not prepared. On a long hike, you may be lost without any food, caught in unexpected rain or get tired because of poor footwear. Therefore, it is very important to carry the right kind of trail gear. In this post, we will talk about some of the most important steps you need to take while preparing for a long hike.

Hiking Backpack

First of all, you need to carry a hiking backpack. It should be rugged, but able to comfortably hold everything you want to carry with you. If you are planning a long hike, it becomes trickier to choose a backpack. You need something which can carry all your things. But you also want it to be light and comfortable, so you don’t get tired. You will also need a lot of compartments for all your equipment and food.

Appropriate Footwear

Appropriate footwear is also an essential element of your trail gear. Whether you are planning a short hike or a long one, appropriate footwear will make sure that you don’t get tired easily. You should choose hiking boots which are comfortable and rugged. They should not make you tired even after long hours of hiking difficult terrain. Moreover, you also need high-quality socks, designed for hikes and treks. They will act as cushions and provide some extra support.

Map, Compass and First Aid Kit

It is always important to carry a map of the area and compass. There are many excellent brands which manufacture compasses for backcountry hiking. Trail maps can be easily found at the ranger station for state and national hiking trail systems. It is also important to carry a first aid kit with you. You may want something for insect bites, blisters, minor scrapes and other usual trail ailments. Insect repellants, sunscreen and lip balm are also essential elements of hiking trail gear.

Extra Clothing

A hiking trip also requires extra clothing. In fact, most hikes are constantly confronted with unpredictable weather. A lightweight rain jacket is always necessary on a hiking trip. You may also need an emergency shelter and therefore, carrying an emergency blanket may be a good idea.

Flashlight and Whistle

Flashlight is another piece of hiking equipment that you should never forget. Flashlights are very important if you are planning long hikes. They help you find your way around the camp. Moreover, they can also help you hike during the sunset. You should also carry a whistle for emergencies. A fire starter, hiking knife and rain-resistant matches should also be carried as part of your trail gear.

These were only the most basic things you should carry on your hiking trip. While preparing your hiking trip, you can not overlook the importance of these essential elements. You will need many other things if you are planning long trips in extreme weather conditions. Additional gear will depend on your interests and hike. Some of these may be a trail guide, binoculars and hiking pole.

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