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Summer is for…



And exploring.

How’s your summer, Sweet World?


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Sweet Rides

During all my exploring this summer, i’ve come across some pretty lovely rides. I’ve seen them on the side of the road, at events and parked at the local restaurant. I can’t get enough of these classics and just keep dreaming of the day when i can have my own. A couple of these beauties are for sale and it’s taking all my will power not to drain my savings on one. Wouldn’t it be the coolest to drive around town on date night in one of these babes?! (If you want to donate to the HelloSweetWorld antique car fund, or you know, just donate the car, feel free….ha! Can you blame me for trying?)


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Hidden Beauty

Please pardon the absence here and there lately. When i’m not working, i’ve been busy exploring and enjoying life. It really has been the best start to summer. The weather is quite weird though. It’s been in the 70s during the day and 50s at night and kinda (always) windy. There have been some storms here and there but it’s been pretty mild. Very odd for the midwest this time of year, especially because last year we were sweating like crazy by this point just walking outside. I’m not complaining but it has been chilly…..  ;)

These photos came from a beauty that was hiding on a back country road found on a day of exploring and i just wanted to load her up and take her home, despite all that may be wrong with her. She was a diamond and i fell in love. I think you will too. Take a look…..

Have you done any exploring lately, Sweet World? If so, what did you find?



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This weekend….

…i’m looking foward to fishing….






Flowers and sunshine.


….And possibly starting on my new patio….

Modern • Simple • Easy • Patio


What’s on your agenda this weekend, Sweet World?


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A new camera

Recently i got another camera to experiment with, and this is one i had been wanting since it came out. Yes, another camera. And yes, i just had to have it. It’s a La Sardina lomography camera but this one is specific to my roots (ha!). I’m talking about the ‘Virginia is for lovers’ edition.  For those of you who don’t know, i’m from Virginia originally and lived there for 27+ years of my life before i just picked up and moved to the midwest.

(Above photo taken by me)

When i saw this camera, i knew it was perfect. I finally got the chance to order it and didn’t even take it out of the package for a while because it was so pretty. Hehe. Finally, i opened it and loaded it with some film and am currently working on finishing the roll. I can’t wait to get the photos developed and see how they turn out! I’ve really been enjoying film lately and love the anticipation of wondering what the photos will look like. Oh, how we’ve been so spoiled with digital! Anyhow. I also thought i’d share some photos i found online of more fun little plastic cameras that i wouldn’t mind if they somehow *wink wink* made their way into my collection.



pink floral Diana Mini

(All photos above were found on Pinterest and original sources could not be tracked down. I did not take these photos and give credit to the owners, whomever they may be!)

Lomo Fisheye Camera


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I haven’t owned an actual TV set in a few years now, nor even had cable for a year or two prior to that, but that doesn’t mean i don’t know about or watch any television shows. I used to have to watch all my favorites every week when i did have cable and would hate to miss an episode, but now i’m past that. Plus, the internet helps with that these days, you know, with technology and all. I just want to share some of my favorite TV shows with you – some new ones and some that have been around for a few years. Most of them are sitcoms and will have you laughing. Here goes!

Suburgatory is about a daughter and father who moved to the suburbs and how they’re adjusting. The main actress is too cute and i love her style!

Who doesn’t love Parks and Rec? My absolute fave.

Cougar Town. I thought it was so cheesy at first but now it’s top on my list. Their relationships are perfect and it’s just hilarious. I would live in this sitcom. Really.

Happy Endings is a new one i’ve found and is also hilarious. A different kind of humor i love. And they’re all so pretty!

Yes, i even fell into The New Girl fad. They all just get themselves into the most embarrassing/awkward situations ever, and it’s funny.

In Plain Sight is a tv drama about the witness protection program. A little cheesy but i love her attitude and snarky comments.

Bob’s Burger. Need i say more?

Covert Affairs is another kinda cheesy one but i always loved Piper from Coyote Ugly so i was curious about this when it came out. It’s decent and all about spies.

How about you, Sweet World? Any new favorite shows you’ve found lately? What about oldies but goodies?


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I’m Addicted to Geocaching

The title of this post says it all. I signed up on the geocaching website back in 2008 and tried to find a few caches back then, but wasn’t successful. I blame it on not having the greatest GPS. Fast forward to a few years later and geocaching is back in my life, and i’m nothing short of addicted. Everywhere i go i want to see if there’s a cache nearby and i’ve even gotten a couple co-workers involved. If you don’t know anything about geocaching, it’s basically a scavenger hunt of sorts using clues and GPS coordinates to find a small container that houses a log to sign, then you log it on the website to keep track of the ones you’ve found. It can actually take you to some places you’d never go otherwise, or show you places that you never knew existed. Sometimes it can be tricky, other times it can be easy, and you may even feel like a crazy person looking in the bushes for something most people don’t even know exists. Caches can range in size to tiny to a large ammo box and sometimes you can even find treasures to trade in them. There’s probably even a cache or two within a mile of where you are at all times. Once you find one, you’ll want to find them all. Here are some that i’ve found recently…

Since i’ve been caching so much lately, i’ve even put a small kit together of supplies to carry with me at all times for that last-minute find or so i’ll be prepared if i choose to find one. Yup, it’s that serious. The items in it are for trading or leaving in the larger caches, and you will always need a pen and sometimes even tweezers!

Some of them even have trackables in them, which you can take and move to another cache location. These can be tracked online to see how far they’ve traveled. The one i found has made it to Missouri from Washington state so far.

Geocaching is definitely a unique hobby but you do have to be careful. Some caches include hiking, boating, thorns, ticks, and other outdoor activities. You also have to be sly when grabbing those caches in public. People are very creative in hiding them and even in the containers that they’re in. But nonetheless, i’m addicted!

Happy caching, Sweet World!


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Instant Collection: Plastic Cake Toppers

Last week when i went to the estate sale that i shared with you, i picked up a vintage Peter Pan peanut butter jar with lots of plastic goodies hiding inside. These plastic goodies were cake toppers and candle holders, and even though i’m pretty sure i don’t need them, i couldn’t resist. Besides, who doesn’t love an instant collection? I wonder what types of cakes they were on at one time in their little plastic lives – chocolate, strawberry, funfetti?

Which one is your favorite, Sweet World? Do you have any instant collections?


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Inked Ladies

It’s no lie that i love tattoos. The internet is really a great place for inspiration and so, so, so many photos of them. For this simple post, i’ve put together just a few of my recent favorites. These ladies really know how to rock them out and it’s awesome. I’ve already got ideas in mind for my next one(s). And maybe this weekend, i can work on getting some good photos of my new one to share! (Sources may not be from the original source but that’s really hard to track down. If you know of the original source, feel free to let me know so i can properly credit!)


Lonely legs (source)






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Dreaming in Vintage

Hello Sweet World! I apologize for my absence this week as i got sicker before i got better, and i’m still not back to 100%. I spent pretty much all of Tuesday and Wednesday in bed and pretty much only stayed awake to manage some food and go to the doctor. Anyhow. I just wanted to check in with a quick post of some loveliness from around the web that i’ve been seeing. I’ve recently (in between my sickness and such) have been dreaming of road trips and summer cookouts – 1950s style. Here are some images that have me dreaming in vintage ….






Ocean Park Motel - Ocean City, MD, 1950s (source)


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