7 Amazing Beaches in California

Malibu Beach, California

The West Coast has some of the best beaches not only in the US but also in the world. The beaches are large and beautiful and they offer so much. Entertainment and fun in California beaches includes surfing, swimming, bird-watching, beach strolls, kayaking, snorkeling and sunbathing. California beaches have much to offer given their perfect waves, numerous oceanfront resorts, tropical climate and average water temperatures of about 78 degrees. There are many beaches to choose from but the following are some of the most amazing:

Sonoma Coast

Beaches along Sonoma Coats are out of this world! The pristine white sand beaches have clean water that is incredibly inviting and you will always find numerous beach lovers and tourists. Although there are numerous attractions along the beach, most beach lovers visit Sonoma beaches to surf. Surfers love to challenge the big waves. Bird-watching is also common along Sonoma beaches since there are about 300 species of birds, some of them indigenous to California.


These beaches can be referred to as “Hollywood beaches” because they host numerous Hollywood celebrities, ranging from singers to actors. Malibu beaches have numerous amenities which are at your disposal. Some of the amenities include snack bars and jungle gyms. At Malibu beaches, you have free access to the world’s best sun, white sand and surf. The eye-catching lifestyle at Malibu beaches is accompanied by an amazing beach scene and experience.

Santa Monica Beach

Located in Los Angeles, Santa Monica beach is regarded as West Coast’s answer to Coney Island. This stretch of sandy beach hosts Santa Monica pier. The pier has an amusement park which sits on one of the oldest wooden piers in California and the entire West Coast. If you want an amazing ocean view, you can wait for the sunset and ride on the Ferris wheel. Other than water activities, beach lovers can visit Palisades Park and Venice Beach or have dinner or lunch in any of the numerous eateries along the beach. At Santa Monica beach, you will definitely make a splash with your family or friends.

La Jolla

With unique landscapes and sheltered coves, La Jolla beaches are intriguing, enchanting and ideal for kayaking, sunbathing and swimming. You can also take a walk along the beach or snorkel to discover the beautiful underwater life. La Jolla beaches also host the Garbaldi fish (an electric-orange fish that is considered the state fish).

Cardiff State Beach

This quiet and casual beach is less crowded and has free public restrooms and professional lifeguards. The beach is ideal for kayaking, surfing, fishing, swimming and sunbathing. There is also bird watching at San Elijo Lagoon. The beach is lined up with restaurants that offer different types of foods including vegan options.

Newport Beach

Located between Los Angeles and San Diego, Newport Beach offers body-surfing, boating, harbor cruises and scuba diving. The beach hosts the Balboa Pavilion and numerous restaurants that offer panoramic views of the ocean.

Baker Beach

Baker beach is family-oriented and has a mixture of fishermen, tourists, surfers and beach lovers. The beach is ideal for sunbathing, beach games, beach strolls and swimming, although there are no professional lifeguards. During summer, Baker Beach closes before sunset.

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