5 Must Have Apps for Hiking

Group of hikers and their apps

When you combine your smart phone with your love of hiking, what do you get? A ton of useful apps and information at your fingertips to integrate into a great hiking experience. Here are some of the best apps on the market that you can use while in the great outdoors to add an edge to your usual trek.

5 Must Have Apps for Hiking

The U.S. Army Survival Guide App

This app brings all the information you need for survival and puts it at your fingertips. The app has more than 1,400 pages of condensed and useful information from a military survival guide and exponentially multiplies the amount of knowledge you have access to. The app goes into survival actions, the psychology of survival, preparing yourself, survival planning and kits, and basic survival medicine. It also can show you how to find water, what to do if you get caught during a storm, how to forage in the wilderness for edible food, how to make a shelter in case of an emergency and more. With high ratings and rave reviews, this $1.99 app could literally be a life saver.

Project Noah App

This free app allows you to have a field guide right in your phone. Project Noah allows you to document your encounters with wildlife and share them by uploading photographs and tagging them for submission. You can also see what’s been seen recently in the area you’re in, viewing photographs of the local flora and fauna taken by others. This is great for adults who are interested in wildlife but also serves as an engaging, interactive app for kids that teaches them more about plants and animals. The app also has a Field Missions section where environmental organizations and labs ask for data and assign projects, giving you an assignment and an opportunity to help out organizations with their research.

Trimble Outdoors Navigator Hiking GPS App

Free for iPhone and Android, the Trimble Outdoors Navigator app offers hikers access to fully integrated GPS and five different types of maps(aerial, streets, hybrid, topographic, and terrain) that can be downloaded and stored on the phone for use when the phone is not picking up service. There are tons of great technical features included, such as digital compass showing true and magnetic north, the ability to match UTM coordinates or latitude and longitude to your GPS or map,marking and storing way points, storing tracks, and following trips others have recorded. You can also store as well as share your trip on the app’s website.

Every Trail App

This free app comes with an option to upgrade to pro. Every Trail gives you access to more than 400,000 user submitted maps of their routes and tips, not just for hiking but biking, skiing and sailing too. Every Trail lets you track your route with GPS, but you’ll have to pay to use the GPS offline for the pro app. Every Trail gives you audio guides, maps with marked points of interest, photos, and travel logs from people who have hiked the area. You can also create your own guides to help others or document for yourself and share them to social media.

ProCamera App

Sometimes when you’re hiking, it’s nice to take photo or video to document your experience. Making memories is a fun part of hitting the trails, and ProCamera allows you to snap and save nature just like a pro. The app is user friendly and lets you choose the exposure and focus when taking photos. Afterwards, the photos can be edited in terms of contrast, brightness, saturation, exposure, and more, and photos can be cropped and rotated. ProCamera lets you take great photos and videos of your hike that you can enjoy long after the hike is over. The app is available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for $2.99.

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